Powered USB hub mod

This is an update to my “iPhone charger” using the same 7 port USB hub. The reason for the update was… I noticed when I plugged my Android into the “iPhone charger” it would charge faster thinking it was plugged into an AC charger not just USB charging. So instead of making another “iPhone charger” I decided to just modify the 2 front ports of the 7 port USB hub. The 2 ports I used I had to break the connection to the USB hub IC.data lines
By doing that they will not be able to be used as “normal” USB ports, if I used it as a USB hub. That was okay with me. I use it in my work van as a charger. It charges my iPhone (work phone), Android (personal) mainly. I also use it for my Bluetooth, 2000mAh battery pack, & USB powered scanner. Not all of them at the same time. Now down to the details for an iPhone to charge you need to have power on the data lines.Photo Feb 12, 7 01 20 PM
As you see I soldered on to leads to the data lines. Using the schematic below from ladyada you will need 2.76v on the D- and 2.06v on the D+.
I used “pots” potentiometers instead of resistors. Reason was radio shack did not have the right resistors stock. So I bought 4 100k resistors to use instead.
Wired and adjusted the pots to the schematic for the right voltage output and works well.

See the videos below.

Android charging:

iPhone charging:

Once again a big thanks to http://www.ladyada.net/make/mintyboost/icharge.html