Modifided an old ATM safe to have a RFID lock.

RFID Side:

  • Parallax BASIC Stamp 2SX OEM Module Kit (IC1)
  • Parallax RFID Reader Serial
  • Parallax RFID Card
  • Small RFID Glass Ampule from www.trossenrobotics.com
  • TIP31 NPN Transistor from radioshack (Q1)
  • Lg. hobby box from radioshack
  • M-Jack power jack from radioshack
  • Small Grid-Style PC Board from radioshack
  • Genaric 12V power adapter (Vcc)
  • 1k Ohm resistor (R1)
  • La gaurd lock – solenoid (L1)

Backup Side:

  • 9V battery
  • Key swich

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